The Moore Hope Foundation (MHF) was founded in 2005 to honor Demetris "DeDe" Moore a father, friend and mentor to the community. He had a five year battled with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) before passing away. Not wanting his struggle to be in vain,  Ed Blount, founded the MHF, to Play-It-Forward so that our young people have better lives  full of more hope and opportunity.  


To do great work, you need tools. The MHF continually works hard to improve support for children, families and veterans. If you're interested in planning or sponsoring an event to serve children or support those ailing from ALS, submit your proposal to: 


Our mission is to support people affected by ALS, military veterans and at-risk youth by focusing on community-based events that promote education, awareness, and partnerships. Our vision is to Play it Forward by promoting unity hope and change as we educate the masses about ALS and raisie funds by producing events that raise funds and make a difference.


Ultimately it is people working toward a specific, united goal that can make the most difference and prepare for a better future. We invite you to support the Moore Hope Foundation through 
volunteerism, partnerships, donations, sponsorship, event ambassadors and more. Collectively, we can

The MOORE HOPE FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that supports ALS research and families battling Lou Gehrig's Disease. We focus on creating public awareness of this fatal disease by raising funds and coordinating special events. We will educate, advocate and support a purposeful cause by providing opportunities to develop the growth of at-risk youths. Moreover, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of under-served children. We seek to work with schools, such as primary, secondary, college, professional or trade schools, which have a formalized curriculum; faculty and an enrolled body of students; nonprofit day-care centers and youth sports organization.

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Moore Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization.